Just because certain companies appear on the top of search engine results page when you search for residential AC service does not necessarily mean that they are the best. You should always check their credentials and the comments left by customers on their testimonial page before entrusting them with the job of servicing your residential air conditioner. We at www.actionphvac.com believe in honesty and go out of our way to help our clients, regardless of the nature of their complaint or the volume of work they provide.

Maintaining efficiency
It is easy to realize that your AC is not working, but you need an expert to trace the problem and fix it. A simple problem such as a choked filter can cause mayhem. Apart from adding pressure on the suction fan, it also prevents the AC from sucking dust from your room. Your AC will work fine for a couple of months after you have purchased it. However, to maintain its efficiency, you need to clean its filters and remove dust from its water collection pan. It also makes sense to get it serviced by a reputable company after the expiry of its warranty.

Genuine spares
Our team of factory trained specialists, with their thorough knowledge of most brands of ACs, will check your gadget using latest diagnostic tools to locate the problem. They will then replace the faulty part with original spares. This increases the longevity of your AC and ensures that it provides you with a cool and dust-free environment. We are available round the clock and offer services as simple as cleaning the AC’s filter to complicated ones like fixing a damaged compressor or sealing a leaking pipe and recharging your AC with the appropriate quantity of refrigerant. Get in touch with us today for all your residential AC service requirements.