Ductless air conditioners are easier and cheaper to install than central air conditioning systems. Residential ductless ACs are also known as split air conditioners because the evaporator and condenser are separate components. The latter is usually mounted on the walls inside the house while the condenser is usually mounted on the ground outside, on the roof or on the outer wall of the house. The main function of the condenser is cooling and condensing the refrigerant. The evaporator unit is designed to suck in air from the room and pass it over a series of cold refrigerant coils, thereby cooling the air. These systems are usually just as effective as central air conditioning systems. To get the best out of your ductless AC, proper installation and maintenance as well as prompt repairs are needed.

Residential Ductless AC Maintenance

These two components of the cooling system move a large volume of air. In the air handler/evaporator, air from the room is forced through the unit for cooling and forced back into the room. In the condenser, cool air from the surroundings is forced through the condenser coils to absorb heat emitted by the refrigerant during compression. As a result, both the air handler and condenser are usually exposed to a lot of airborne particles, such as dust, cloth fibers and animal fur among other things. With time, these impurities clog filters and form an insulation around the cooling coils, thereby reducing the efficiency of the system. During maintenance, these coils are thoroughly cleaned and filters replaced. Rotating and moving parts are lubricated and all surfaces cleaned to get rid of impurities which may contaminate indoor air. At Action Plus HVAC, we know everything about ductless AC installation, maintenance and repairs. Our technicians are NATE-certified and they can handle all makes and models of split AC systems. Call us today for reliable HVAC services.