Air conditioners, like all other machines, are not immune to breakdowns. A common type of AC problem is a freezing air handler unit, which is mainly caused by poor air flow or refrigerant leakage from the evaporator coil. The frequency of air conditioner breakdowns normally increase with time as the unit ages. Increased wear and tear resulting from poor maintenance can also be blamed for most breakdowns.

In addition to breakdowns, Residential AC repair may be needed when the performance of the air conditioner is dismal. If you crank up the AC but it still fails to cool the room effectively, this may be evidence of a major problem in the system. For instance, there might be no refrigerant in the cooling system as a result of leakages. The thermostat may also be faulty. In such cases, Residential AC repair may be as simple as replacing the thermostat.

Poor maintenance of the air conditioning system can cause major problems. For instance, a clogged or damaged air filter may allow dust and other impurities to pass through the unit and enter the air supply system. Fans and blowers may also start making unusual noises and break down more frequently as parts wear out due to excessive frictional forces. Consequently, the lifespan of the unit will reduce significantly while the power consumption of the unit may increase considerably.

Depending on the type of unit installed in a residential, commercial or industrial property, a qualified air conditioner repair expert should be hired to carry out the necessary repairs. The ideal contractor should offer warranties as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To ensure you do not suffer unnecessary financial losses, the ideal contractor should also have professional liability coverage. The contractor should also be fully qualified, licensed and certified to handle the type of equipment installed in your property.