Are you worried that your air conditioner is not cooling the room and removing dust from it as efficiently as it used to? Are you sick of paying money time and over again for repairing it on a regular frequency? You should realize that ACs are not built to last forever, even if you hire specialists to service it and replace worn out parts with original spares. Your best option is to replace it with a brand new model. This ensures that you will not face problems for many years. However, are you short of cash and cannot afford to pay the price of a new AC? Why do you not exchange your old model with a new one through our residential AC replacement option?

The procedure
Visit out website and choose one of the several models available. Contact us via email or through phone. You will find these details on our website and tell us the make and the model of your AC and the one you want to replace it with. We shall send our technician to evaluate the condition of your current AC and tell you the amount you will get for it. If you are satisfied with the deal, complete the process by signing on the dotted line. Our technicians will replace your old AC with the one of your choice. Since we include a warranty on the new AC, you need not worry about repairing costs during the duration of the warranty.

How do we benefit
We salvage the working components of your AC and sell off the remaining parts as junk. Since it is impossible to get components of old ACs, we use those from yours as replacements when we receive a service call from our customers who have that same brand of AC and are facing problems with it. Our residential AC replacement works out beneficial both for you and for us.