Maintenance Plan in The Chico, Alvord, Bridgeport, Sunset, & Crafton, TX


Maintenance Plan :Maintenance Plan in The Colony, TX

  1. Record and report abnormal conditions.
  2. Review with the customer about operational problems and trends.
  1. General Assembly
    1. Check refrigerant charge if applicable.
    2. Calculate the refrigerant loss rate per EPA guidelines and report to the customer.
    3. Check sheaves and pulleys for wear and alignment, if applicable.
    4. Clean and vacuum condensate drain pan to minimize condensate water leaks.
    5. Treat drain pan with a biological inhibitor, i.e. algaecide.
    6. Blow out drain lines to minimize condensate water leaks.
    7. Check mechanical linkages for wear, tightness, and clearances where applicable.
    8. Clean condenser coil and evaporator coil.
    9. Install clean air filters.
  2. Controls and Safeties
    1. Test the operation of the high/low pressure safety device. Calibrate, if necessary.
    2. Test the operation of the oil pressure safety device, if applicable. Calibrate, if necessary.
  3. Lubrication
    1. Lubricate fan bearings, and motor bearings, if applicable.
    2. Check oil level in the compressor(s), if applicable.
  4. Motor and Starter
    1. Clean the starter and cabinet.
    2. Inspect wiring and connections for tightness and signs of overheating and discoloration.
    3. Check the contactors for free and smooth operation.
    4. Verify the tightness of the compressor motor terminal connections.
    5. Verify the operation of the compressor crankcase heaters.


  1. Verify the starter operation.
  2. Verify smooth operation of the compressors and fans.
  3. Log operating conditions of the unit after the system has stabilized.
  4. Provide a written report of completed work and indicate any uncorrected deficiencies detected.
  5. Install new air filters.


  • Verify smooth operation of the fans.
  • Warehouse unit heaters checked and cleaned annually where applicable
  • Check the belts for tension, wear, cracks, and glazing and replace as necessary.
  • Visually inspect heat exchanger for rust & cracks.
  • Verify proper operation of gas heater combustion fan.
  • Clean & lubricate combustion fan.
  • Inspect and clean combustion chamber.
  • Test operating and safety controls.
  • Confirm proper operation of the gas ignition process.
  • Check pilot and pilot safety, and hot gas bypass
  • Check crank case heaters.
  • Install new air filters.


  • Verify smooth operation of the fans.
  • Check the belts for tension, wear, cracks, and glazing.
  • Verify proper operation of the heating section.
  • Verify the operation of the temperature controls.
  • Install new air filters.